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Straight from manufacturing straight to our site,

these are some of our Latest product’s we’ve added to the Direct Ergonomics Range of Furniture.


When coming up with our Latest Product’s offerings we start by thinking of what is needed, what is going to be the Ergonomic benefit,

and the Design (The most important).


Therefore when these questions have been answered, we get going on manufacturing the new idea’s,

after many revision’s we come test them ourselves, after careful consideration.


We start the process getting the products certified with GECA & Get it a AFRDI Rating,

this sometimes can take a very lengthy period so instead holding out we finalize our detail’s.


We then get the Team to come up with the best Angle’s to show of the design,

after a fair few photos later playing with how light lands across the curve’s and contours,

We take them to the computer and do some vectoring so we can have some high quality images to use across all medium’s.


After these steps we can get started on the catalogs & Website, and start to show them off to our Client’s and you!