Here at Direct Ergonomics we take ergonomics serious (It’s in our name)

But we also take standards and ratings as a core fundamental, so we get Certifications.


So that’s why we fork out money and get our product’s tested to get Certifications,

We get our Product’s certified with the Market ambassadors AFRDI & GECA,

so you can comfortably buy without any worries.


We’re not making any claims that aren’t true for our furniture.

That’s why we’re not scared to show them on our website, for all to see!


We constantly have furniture going through the testing procedures,

constantly having new certificates issued & Renewed.


So maybe next time you check out this page you’ll see additional products that you didn’t know we had approved!


Buyers confidence isn’t common in the present day of buying online,

not knowing what your buying has the quality to match the price,

Seeing that a government body has tested the product, the components & its Structural integrity,

Is one way of Building that confidence, that your buying a great product’s!


We take that stress out of your purchase by displaying what exactly has certification,

The Team know this is a bold move, with so many cheaper alternatives on the market today,

we cant stress the importance of knowing what your paying for,

that’s why  you’ll see we take pride in writing all over the product description’s,

Certification’s, Standards that it matches up to and/or exceed’s!


No Generic Blurbs written by someone else, copy and pasted on to our product,

with no testing from the person selling them!


Before we list anything our team has to use it and test it & Sign off unanimously between us that its fit for purpose!


See our current approved Certifications, we will be updating this time to time so stay tuned!

Supply Nation Certification 
Certificate 3048 GECA 201219

Bureau Veritas Certification – FFv3.1-2017 
Certificate 3048 GECA 201219

GECA Cert: FFFMv3.1-2017
Certificate 3048 GECA 201219

GECA Cert DIR-2021A

Certificate 3048 GECA 201219

GECA Cert DIR-2021B 
GECA Cert DIR-2021B

AFRDI Cert: 15077/1 

Certificate 3048 GECA 201219

AFRDI Cert: 15077/2 

Certificate 3048 GECA 201219

AFRDI Cert: 15571/1 
AFRDI Cert: 15571/1

Direct Ergonomics Pty Ltd ISO9001 Certificate  

Certificate AFRDI Cert 15571/1

Direct Ergonomics Pty Ltd ISO9001 Certificate  

Australian Cabinet & Furniture Association  

Direct Ergonomics Australian Office Furniture Catalogs.


Here at Direct Ergonomics we have been in business since 1984,

we have been at the forefront of Commercial Australian Office Furniture,

furthermore this time we have had a lot of experience from large to small project’s as well as supplying furniture intended for use in an office,

throughout this time we have served designer, architects & Single Client’s.


Throughout all these years in the Australian Industry servicing everyone,  at the same time we know how to design furniture intended for use in an office,

That meant our customers needed a easy way to find what they were looking for and had a good reference point for pricing,

Direct Ergonomics Furniture Catalogs were designed to help pick the perfect style for your needs and wants in your new office layout,

we built our pricing for unit’s of one, we do offer discount’s for bulk order’s,

Ask us for our expertise to keep cost low.


Our team here at Direct Ergonomics is focused on less is more, we have few team members,

Each of team members wear multiple hats, if it be Delivery & Service, or Projects & Logistics and Sales, Web Development & Design,

that being said we dont have resources to have a team member constantly working on Catalogs.


So please use these as indicative pricing, majority of times our prices go down with manufacturing improvements,

We hate for us not to be considered for your next Furniture purchase, our sales team is here to help you,

and provide our best possible pricing, no matter the size or location.


Please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any question’s,

we picked our favorites to feature in our catalogs (Sometimes We like the weird)

But we know everyone has different taste,

Therefore please contact us on our Sales line or email!

Direct Ergonomics HealthCare Furniture Catalogs

Direct Ergonomics WHS Furniture Catalogs

Direct Ergonomics StandUp Catalogs