Ergonomic Accessories

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Ergonomics Accessories no matter the Budget! No matter your Current Desk Setup, Here at Direct Ergonomics we take Functional Design serious.

Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to stand up and live longer, therefore.

A simple solution to this is by our StandUp Range, take your Keyboard, mouse & Screens from sitting to Standing Height within minute’s.

How do you achieve this you ask?

Our Ergonomic Accessories include our StandUp Desk Converter’s, StandUp Monitor Arm’s and Anti Fatigue Matt’s.

Most importantly we wouldn’t be called Direct Ergonomics if we didn’t fix your Ergonomics quick and easily.

Because We offer two variety’s of our Standup, Electric & Pneumatic, we cater to everyone’s budget.

Our budget friendly Ergonomic Accessories give everyone the opportunity to remove unwanted pain’s from improper posture.

A Cause of your Back or Neck pain, is from the angle your typing and looking at your screen,

Did you know that your elbow’s should be at a right angle with your hands not reaching to your keyboard?

or that your Computer screen should be parallel to your eye’s so you don’t have your neck tilted up or down to view?

Having your keyboard & Screen’s at the right height removes the unwanted pains at the end of the day.

To summarize are you going to continue with these unwanted pain’s? Check out the range or contact us and use our experience to give you the best solution’s.

Finally don’t worry about deadline’s, we have a warehouse in Sydney with most product’s being able to ship out withing a day!