Cube of Silence

The Cube of Silence was designed to solve the fundamental issue bought about by open plan office environments; the need for physical and acoustic privacy. Made to be portable and flexible by nature the Cube of Silence comes standard in two sizes to accommodate the need for privacy for phone calls and meetings. By creating a sound insulated pod away from distractions, noise and unwanted guests the Cube of Silence creates a private space without diminishing the collaborative and welcoming environment of an open plan office. All cubes have advanced ventilation to ensure a comfortable and calm experience for all users.

The Telephone booth size is the perfect fit for an office that has many sensitive phone calls to clients, suppliers and stakeholders. It has standing or leaning room for 1 person and is 1000mm wide x 1000mm deep x 2170mm high so its compact design allows it to fit neatly into almost any office space.

The meeting room size is the larger pod which allows for teams of people to conduct executive discussions without interruption. It is large enough to accommodate 4 adults comfortably and is 2200mm wide x 1200mm deep x 2710mm high.


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