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Is your workspace conducive to productive work and a positive mindset? Although you might not be able to choose where you work or how long your day is, one thing you do have some control over is the micro-environment of your desk area.

In fact, by implementing just a few simple tricks, you can quickly boost your mood, energy, and work performance. Sound good? Let’s dive into some of our top recommendations for you to action today.

  1. Try noise-cancelling headphones

    Do you find yourself getting distracted by chatterboxes or the general hubbub of office noise? Even if you’re not listening to music, noise-cancelling headphones can help you zone out from all the unwanted noise and zone into the task at hand.

  2. Buy a desk plant

    Plants can help improve the air quality of your workspace and have also been proven to reduce stress, increase productivity, reduce sickness and absence rates, and boost creativity. Grab yourself a low-maintenance plant, like a succulent, to get started.

  3. Use essential oils

    Thinking about the different sensory elements of your workspace, natural scents, such as essential oils, can be very useful. Peppermint has been found to enhance cognitive performance (that zingy mint smell is also very refreshing!) and your grandma’s favourite – lavender – can help promote a sense of calm.

  4. Buy a SAD light

    If your office space lacks natural sunlight, a SAD (seasonal affective disorder) light can be useful to help boost your mood and keep you feeling alert.

  5. Get a “desk blanket”

    We all know the joys of relentless office aircon that leaves you feeling stone-cold (and like you want to hibernate) all day. Try bringing a blanket in from home and keeping it at your desk to help you get through those chiller office days and boost your productivity at the same time.

So, if you’re feeling flat and uninspired by your current desk environment, here is your friendly reminder to upgrade! What office hacks can you implement today?