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Electric StandUp is the Perfect solution to anyone that wants to give there legs a stretch and their back a break, by Giving there computer setup the ability to raise and lower without replacing their whole desk!

Designed with safety in mind, we designed the safest lift mechanism on the market that has no pinch point’s, Operation is simple with two button’s, no need to fiddle around trying to find an lever (or Two).

Sized for any desk setup, the StandUp Electric will accommodate two monitor’s, keyboard & Mouse easily, with some room for your notepad.

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StandUp 6.2 Electric Converter is the latest upgrade to arguably our best sit to stand desk solution.

The StandUp 6.2 Electric, is available in stock for a dual monitor setup, lifts effortlessly vertical via electronic control through an innovative scissor mechanism.

The StandUp has one of the largest height ranges of any standing desk converter on the market, adding 110mm to 505mm to your workspace height.

Say goodbye to Back and neck pain’s Daily from not having your Ergonomic’s setup correctly, with this simple addition.

Did you know that having your Ergonomic’s setup correctly leads to a longer and healthier Lifetime?

We also have a strong community spirit, and have committed to donating $10 With every purchase of a StandUp Desk converter.

That $10 goes towards helping indigenous communities in Western areas of New South Wales,

For example too date we have donated over $10,000 through the sale of our StandUp Product’s.


  • Sits on top of an existing desk, no need to add additional expense buying another desk
  • When used it will help reduce cardiovascular disease and reduced incidents of neck and back pain
  • StandUp 6.2 Electric Converter will give you increased productivity, energy levels and overall mental and physical fitness, all within an affordable budget.
  • No pinch points for personal safety, and eliminates the possibility of power cords being cut creating an electrical hazard and electric shock.
  • Go anywhere, transportable and compact especially if you change work area or re-location
  • Affordable, cheaper than buying another complete desk and most other sit-stand systems
  • For the best experience, it’s best to use a wire-less keyboard & mouse
  • Small footprint – raises and lowers in a vertical plane
  • Infinite incremental height adjustment possible
  • Sturdy and stable even when fully extended
  • Conforms to AS/NZS60335.1 Electrical Standards
  • Tested by AFRDI
  • GECA Certified
  • Exceeds OHS requirements AUS & NZ

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 1040 × 590 × 220 mm

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  1. Davilon

    My lower back pain has gone after buying the StandUp stand.
    Now, I can choose when I’ll seat or when I’ll stand while working.
    Thanks guys!

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