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Here at Direct Ergonomics, we’re all about combining eco-friendly practicality with design – and when it comes to creating beautiful AND sustainable furniture, architecture or artwork, Indigenous Australians really know their stuff. Australian Indigenous art is even known as one of the oldest unbroken traditions of art in the world.

“As a source of inspiration for designers and architects, Australian Indigenous culture should not be underestimated. At a recent talk… at the Art Gallery of NSW, I saw first hand the beauty of traditional shields, tools and weapons made by hand. I also learnt about practices such as the harvesting of timber from trees – up to two thirds of a tree can be removed without killing it.” (Penny Craswell, The Design Writer)

Many Indigenous artists and designers use eco-friendly methods and sustainable materials to create custom, multi-functional products that eliminate waste. Their works are inspired by experiences, stories, and connections with the land.

Recent discoveries, alongside the emergence of contemporary Aboriginal art, are leading to a newfound revival, respect, and understanding of the culture. Investing in Indigenous design is a great way to celebrate and communicate about Indigenous Australian culture.

We’ve got some very exciting Indigenous furniture design and artist projects in the works right now, so watch this space! P.S. Check out our blog post to find out 3 ways you can support Indigenous Australians today.