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We fully embrace our founder’s heritage here at Direct Ergonomics. It’s part of the reason why we donate $10 of every product purchased in our standup range to support Indigenous youth programs in rural Australia.  
Have you ever wondered how you can do your bit to help too? It’s easy to feel like there’s nothing you can do to contribute, so here’s a quick list to get you started.

1. Listen and Learn
Educating yourself on racism, myths, and cultural history is a fantastic first step. Read resources online such as those published by The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies. Consume Indigenous media, so you can hear things from the community’s perspective without national media influence or bias. Meet Indigenous people and listen to their stories.

2. Support
Attend Indigenous events, create or take part in cultural awareness programs, visit museums, volunteer your time for organisations, encourage your workplace to become more inclusive and supportive, buy authentic Indigenous goods, and donate money where you can.

3. Speak Up
Amplify Indigenous voices by sharing their messages with family, colleagues and friends, or on social media. Correct mistakes made in media reports that you feel are unjust. Point out racism. Participate in marches and actively invite Indigenous people’s perspectives into the workplace, events, and schools.

These are just a few of the many ways you can play a part in helping Indigenous people feel seen, heard, understood, and appreciated. Can you think of any more? We’d love to hear your suggestions.