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Environmental Policy

At Direct Ergonomics we aim to contribute to a more environmentally sustainable world. To do this we invest in energy efficient technology to manufacture world class ergonomic furniture and workstations, that have minimal impact on the environment.

We have a large range of products that are GECA certified. This means your organisation can be comfortable in the knowledge that our furniture is environmentally friendly.

The GECA certification ensures the use of our furniture in your building will achieve maximum green points towards the Green Building Council of Australia’s Furniture Matrix.

Where possible, we use naturally derived raw materials, recycled components and energy smart processes.

Our processes have been audited and updated to comply with Australia Standards ISO14000. Our product range is AFRDI tested and approved to ensure the high standard of finish and durability of our products and their compliance to Australian standards.  Our furniture and products carry up to ten year warranty and replacement parts are available.

Direct Ergonomics offers product stewardship on all our furniture and products and will take back the product at the ends of its life.

Direct Ergonomics is serious about our environment. Call our team today to discuss what green options are available for your project.


You’re in good company