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We are all looking for ways to get more movement into our workdays, whether that’s by trying out a standing desk or going running during lunch breaks. However, studies have found that isolated bursts of intense exercise, like hitting the gym hard after work, don’t counteract the damage done by being sedentary all day.

The solution to this problem? Desk bikes!

A few years ago, a school teacher in the United States installed bike pedals under her students’ desks and found that the children were calmer, more concentrated during lessons, and even performed better in their classwork. Since then, desk bikes have gained more and more popularity, thanks to boasting a plethora of exciting benefits:

  1. Boost your mood, motivation, and task engagement
  2. Stay active while getting work done at the same time #efficiency
  3. Counteract the “afternoon slump” (we all know that 3pm feeling!)
  4. Burn extra calories
  5. Fit exercise into your workday rather than during leisure time

So, whether you’re looking for a boost in mental clarity, a tool to help with weight loss, or an efficient way to get your daily exercise done without sacrificing precious family time – desk bikes could be your answer.

You can buy independent under-desk bikes (the most cost-effective option), bike and chair combinations, or all-in-one bike desks. There are products on the market to suit every budget – and commitment level!

Here at Direct Ergonomics, we stock “The Desk Bike” – the perfect companion to your sit-to-stand desk. This product features a safe and effective low-impact motion that promotes healthy blood circulation and even tracks your exercise progress! Get started today.