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Employee health and productivity should be a top priority for businesses looking to succeed in today’s marketplace. It’s impossible to have highly productive employees without ensuring their mental and physical health are in tip-top condition too. Games are a great way to promote wellness and performance at the same time, boasting many benefits – a few of which you can read up on below: 

  1. Relieves stress

    Playing games has been proven as one of the best ways to relieve stress. It’s one of the reasons that many people take part in team sports or play video games when they need some time to unwind. Endorphins, creative tasks, and problem-solving can be powerful ways to minimise stress, helping to boost both the happiness and productivity of your employees.

  2. Improves tactical thinking

    Skill-based sports and games can help improve tactical thinking because they often require participants to plan and strategise, demonstrate teamwork and adaptability, use hand-eye coordination, and much more. These skills can be harnessed to supercharge performance in your employees’ roles.

  3. Builds relationships

    Outside of teambuilding days, many employees spend a lot of time working in silos or interacting purely for work purposes. Encouraging team members to do activities together brings back some fun and energy to the work environment. It also enables planning and strategy formation to happen naturally as part of free-flowing conversations.

  4. Boosts positive thinking

    Employees who play games with their co-workers have higher levels of satisfaction due to getting a break from the “serious” stuff and allowing play, healthy competition, and fun to stimulate a positive mindset (which conveniently leads to positive actions). High-pressure work environments often lead to a high turnover of staff and employees that resent coming to work. In turn, this generates lower quality outputs and high levels of absenteeism.

There are more benefits to playing games in a work-related setting than we could include in one article; everything from promoting blood flow and weight loss to enhancing cognitive function and self-confidence. So, how can your team find more ways to play?

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