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Getting the right sized meeting room table

By November 27, 2018February 15th, 2019No Comments

It can be difficult to correctly size up how big or small a meeting room table needs to be to cater to your team. It is important in the office to have furniture which can accommodate everyone but also to be as space efficient as possible.

In line with these issues, here is a comprehensive table guide that will make decisions quick and easy when someone asks you to buy them a meeting table that will suit 6 or 16 people comfortably.

The meeting table seating plan nominates the size and shape of the table showing how many people it will seat. It is based on a chair size of 700mm wide. Of course, if larger chairs are being used, this must be taken into consideration as will the table base style being used, but all up this will be a quick guide that I am sure you will find useful.

Remember, if you need to purchase meeting tables, we have lots of options, mobile, flipping, laminate, veneer, large, small, low, even sit to stand for those meetings you do not want to take too long.

Be sure to email at or call on 02 8437 5400 if we can assist