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Sit to Stand Workstation or Converter?

By February 15, 2019No Comments

Sit to Stand workstations help break up long periods of inactivity and sitting by raising your desk or computer to standing height, allowing you the freedom to move around without interrupting your work.

The sit-to-stand workstations fall into two main categories – sit to stand Desks, and desktop sit-to-stand portable workstations. Portable sit-to-stand workstations are a great way to experience the benefits of a sit-to-stand desk without the high cost of a new desk.

The benefits of each are outlined below:

Sit to Stand Desks Portable Sit to Stand Workstations
No need to re-arrange your desk or move items to a new workstation, the entire desk moves up and downRelocating office? Portable sit to stand options are easy to set up and perfect for moving around.
Larger desk space, more room for all your belongings and documentsMore affordable! And ask us about trial options for your office.
Larger carying capacity – never worry about weight capacity.You don’t have to give up your existing desk, portable options will sit atop of any existing desk (of correct depth).

The main benefit of a portable workstation is that you are able to convert any existing workstation into a sit-to-stand workstation. This is particularly useful for shared office spaces or dynamic workplaces where staff change roles or offices regularly.

Choosing a portable workstation can also save hundreds of dollars per unit compared to a sit-to-stand desk, making it an affordable option for small batch orders.