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Stand Up and Live Longer!

By November 27, 2018February 15th, 2019No Comments

The standing desk revolution is making its way into the workforce, and it is a welcome change to the health and well being of our bodies.

Stand Up and Live Longer! Slimline StandUp effortlessly converts any workspace to a sit-to-stand workstation. A gentle press to the single handle on one side will activate the gas-spring to raise or lower the monitor and keyboard. With a total width of 950mm and total depth of 615mm, the StandUp can easily fit on any workstation over 650mm deep. The height adjustment raises or lowers over itself and has no pinch points.

The slimline platform is large enough to accommodate multiple items and a special slot on the top surface is designed to accommodate a tablet or phone.

Maximum height achieved fully complies to the New Australian Standards 4442:2018 on a standard 720mm high desk.

Standing desks benefit users productivity, pains and energy levels and are a worthwhile investment to any work space. Our latest range of StandUp desk converters are an extremely affordable solution to making your working environment more ergonomic and productive.  The StandUp rises vertically upon itself and can comfortably support up to 14kg of office equipment.

We are very proud to announce that with every purchase of a StandUp, $10 will be donated to Indigenous community groups in Rural New South Wales.

For more information, you’ll find the StandUp product page under the  ergonomic accessories page, or call or email us at 02 8437 5400 and to talk to us about bulk order discounts.