MiniMe Portable Mobile Table

At the press of a pneumatic foot pedal, the MiniMe Portable Mobile Table is height adjustable from 752-1122mm.
You can choose to sit or stand while performing tasks or giving a presentation.

The combination of the single leg and four casters enables the Mini Me Sit to Stand Table to be portable and mobile to go anywhere you want!

This table is easy to operate and a great addition for use in offices, schools, homes, conference rooms and more.


The MiniMe Portable Table is a functional and versatile solution for modern workplaces. Its compact size and functional features make it perfect for office break out spaces such as meeting rooms, collaboration areas, and open office spaces.

The table features 4 heavy-duty castors which allow for easy movement and stability. Two of the castors are lockable, providing extra stability and preventing unwanted movement. This makes it easy to move around and also keeps it stable when in use. With the ability to lock the wheels, it ensures that the table stays in place during meetings or presentations.

The pneumatic gas lift is another valuable feature that allows for a height range of 752-1122mm. This means that the table can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of different users and tasks. It offers versatility, allowing you to adjust the height to accommodate different seating positions, making it comfortable to use for different individuals. This feature makes it a great choice for multi-purpose use, from working on your laptop to standing meetings.

The MiniMe Portable Table is built to withstand regular use. It has a weight capacity of 8Kg, which is suitable for most office items such as laptops, documents, and other office essentials. This makes it a great option for small group meetings, or as a mobile workstation in open office spaces. The table’s durability and practicality make it an ideal option for office use.

The MiniMe Portable Table has a sleek design and small size, making it an ideal option for offices with limited space. It is easy to store and move around, and can be used for a variety of tasks and activities. The table’s portability and adjustability make it an ideal solution for modern workplaces that require flexibility and adaptability. With its functionality, durability, and practicality, it is a great choice for those who need a functional and durable solution for their office. The MiniMe Portable Table is a perfect balance of design, functionality and durability, that can be used to optimize office spaces and increase productivity.

Additional information


Particle Board & Melamine, Steel, Aluminium

Surface Material

Powder Coating




600W x 520D x 752-1122mm

Tabletop Size

600mm Wide x 520mm Deep

Tabletop Thickness


Weight Capacity


Height Range



4 Castors total, 2x Lockable

Assembly Required


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