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Office health and safety: generally, it comes back to the simple stuff that we don’t need to overcomplicate. Sure, it’s important to complete formal training and have detailed procedures for emergencies but let’s face it, these situations aren’t the norm in an office – and no one has ever died of a papercut (as far as we’re aware…).

“While certain jobs like construction or manual labor have clear hazards, you can’t assume that if you are clocking time in an office environment that it’s a healthy place to be. Many occupations deliver stress, sedentary behavior, and unhealthy habits along with the paycheck, which can take their toll both physically and mentally.” (CNN)

It’s easy to get lost in the paperwork when it comes to health and safety. So, we wanted to put together a list of easy, peasy hacks that you can implement at work today. Some of these tips might seem pretty obvious. However, all too often, they aren’t put into practice. See our recommendations as a checklist… how many can you tick off? If you’ve got some gaps then maybe it’s time to upgrade your workday!

  1. Don’t sit in the same position for hours on end
  2. Keep your phone within reaching distance on your desk
  3. Put your feet flat on the floor when sitting
  4. Sit in an adjustable office chair (the most important piece of desk equipment)
  5. Choose the stairs instead of the lift, where possible
  6. Request more natural light at your workstation
  7. Start a “clean desk” policy (no more clutter and germs!)
  8. Exercise at lunch-time or cycle/walk to work
  9. Talk about mental health with your workmates
  10. Buy a plant for your desk (to improve health, mood, stress, and anxiety levels)
  11. Request a sit-to-stand desk
  12. Don’t eat lunch at your desk

Now you’ve had a head start, share this article with your office and see who can finish the checklist off first… it’ll definitely get you brownie points with the boss, right?!