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Workplace health and safety is essential for employees and employers alike. Whilst it might seem like a cumbersome issue filled with overly sensible rules and regulations, it’s vital for employers to keep on top of their moral responsibilities for the wellness of their staff. Here are 3 (of many) reasons why work health and safety matters. What can you implement today?


1. Minimising Stress
In a world that is becoming more go-go-go by the minute, many employees are overworked and under far too much pressure. Long or awkward hours, over-stretched departments, and team conflicts can lead to chronic stress, mental health issues, and even physical illness.

Solid health and safety measures help ensure boundaries are set to allow employees to take breaks when needed, escalate important issues, and incorporate more movement into their workdays, for example.

2. Avoiding Injuries
Proper training is required to ensure tools are being used correctly, hazards are signposted, emergency exits are accessible, and safety equipment is available. Even outside of physical labour environments and amongst office spaces, injuries can still happen due to poor posture behind desks, repetitive strain from typing, and long hours of screen-time.

As well as being provided ergonomic furniture, employees should be given the equipment they need to stay safe then instructed on how to use it and, of course, given a metaphorical nudge every now and again to ensure compliance.

3. Maximising Productivity
The most recent report from Safe Work Australia found that in 2012-13, work-related injury and disease cost the Australian economy $61.8 billion. Further, 92 million work days are lost in Australia per year, accounting for 8% of payroll.

This is just another reason why businesses should focus on helping their employees not only survive but thrive. Putting sound health and safety measures in place will not only reduce rates of illness and injury but also boost concentration and motivation levels. Healthy, happy employees stick around for longer, speak more positively about their employer, and crucially, perform better in their jobs. You can look after your employees AND start saving your payroll today. Shop our collection HERE.