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Stress seems to be an accepted part of today’s fast paced, go-go-go society but do we have the tools to cope with it? It’s hard for many employees to switch off when they have 24/7 phone notifications to tend to, or an office culture that encourages working crazy overtime.

The effects of chronic stress on mental health and work performance can be scary: 

“…research has shown that stressed workers are less engaged, have reduced productivity, and have higher levels of absenteeism and turnover. They also have higher healthcare costs than their less-stressed peers, costing businesses billions of dollars.” (Headspace)

So, how can meditation and mindfulness help?

Combatting Stress and Boosting Productivity

Meditation might sound like a fairly recent buzzword but it’s been widely used for centuries, dating back to groups of (ultra calm) Yogis in India.

The benefits for work include better focus, regulation of emotions, and conflict management capabilities as well as an increased resilience to stress, greater mental clarity, and enhanced creativity. Meditation can also help reduce absenteeism thanks to its science-backed immune-boosting powers.

Putting It Into Practice

Meditation is a beautifully simple tool – you just need some time and some quiet. It’s all about finding stillness amongst the chaos and becoming aware of your thoughts. 

Here’s how you can get involved: 

  • Organise mindfulness training for the team
  • Create relaxing meditation spaces in the office
  • Bring mindfulness into everyday activities like eating
  • Focus on present moment awareness: your breath, thoughts, sensations and surroundings
  • Try meditation apps like Headspace or Insight Timer
  • Experiment with different techniques like walking, visualisation or transcendental meditation

Another mental health trend we love is the increase in flexible workspaces featuring breakout areas and lounges. Gone are the days of being pinned to your desk for 8 hours (whoop whoop!) as employers start to support more healthy ways of working like standing and moving around. 

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